Lear 60XR

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Learjet 60XR for sale

Bombardier Learjet 60XR

Schedule A-1
Learjet 60XR-383


L60-383 Renderings (pdf)

Option # Description
Avionics Options:
23-12-0005 Second Honeywell KHF-1050 Long Range Comm (XR)
23-24-0000 RockwellCollins Datalink(with 3rd VHF) (XR)
23-71-0000 Cockpit Voice Recorder (Exchange)
30-80-0001 Rosemount Ice Detection System
31-30-1001 Digital Flight Data Recorder (DFDR) (XR)
31-31-0001 L-3 COM Micro Quick Access Recorder (QAR) (XR)
34-41-0001 RAAS – Runway Awareness and Advisory System (XR)
34-42-0000 Rockwell Collins TWR-850 Radar Enhanced Weather Radar (Exchange)
34-43-0001 L3 Communications Storm Scope WX-1000E
34-58-0000 Second Rockwell Collins ADF-462
46-21-0000 Dual FSU with Electronic Charts (XR)
46-24-0001 Enhanced Map Overlays (Dual FSU Configuration) (XR)

Equipment Options:
33-50-0001 Dual Rechargeable Flashlights
24-33-0001 Third Emergency Battery (XR)
33-41-0000 Pulsating Recognition and Landing Lights
33-42-0000 Tail Illumination Package
33-50-0002 Emergency Lighting Package (XR)
35-20-0002 Provisions to Install 2nd 77 Cubic Foot Oxygen Bottle (XR)
52-00-1000 Aircraft Locking Package

Interior Options:
23-15-0003 Aircell Swift Broadband Lite (Inmarsat Broadband) (XR)
25-10-0026 Custom Colored Cockpit Materials (XR)
25-10-5004 Astronic Cockpit Outlets in Sidewalls (XR)
25-20-4535 Seat Pan Lifter (XR) (qty 2)
25-20-4605 Wood Veneer Package-High Gloss (XR)
25-30-4514 Warming Oven
25-33-0002 Iacobucci Hi-Fly Nespresso Machine (60 XR Only)
44-20-0004 Cabin Audio System w/out 10 Disk CD Changer (XR)
44-23-0006 Airshow 4000 with Network Package (60XR)
44-25-0006 15.1-inch (38 cm) Forward Video Monitor (XR)
44-25-0008 15.1 inch (38cm) Aft Video Monitor (XR)
44-27-0000 Passenger Audio/Video Inputs (each) (XR) (qty 3)
44-61-0003 Astronic 110V AC Outlet in Internal Baggage Compartment (XR)

Floorplan Options:
25-21-0007 Executive Floorplan H

Custom Requests:
p09-2118 Astronic Outlet Rotation