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For more than 30 years Dave and Lindy have been recognized as reliable and qualified sources for all the needs of persons in the aircraft sales  and management businesses. Whether you want to charter a flight or purchase your own aircraft, Delta November Aviation delivers the utmost level of service, safety and aircraft management expertise and mission completion. Save time and cost by flying on your schedule by departing from airports near your departure location and landing closer to your final destination at 13,000 private airports around the world—a level of service no commercial carrier can match. If you can just imagine, no lines, no luggage to carry through the airport, no flight schedules to speed to and always smiling faces with instant contact to real people every step of the way. No options to select from when you call, just one of the managers direct on the phone the first time you dial.


Since 1988, David and Lindy have evolved as a “trusted source” in aviation. We always strive to put our clients’ interest and aircraft needs ahead of our own preconceived ideas and ensure that, whether buying or selling, all parties are fully informed and able to make well educated decision. It is important to look beyond shiny websites and big names and allow us to give you the personalized, one-on-one, 24/7 service and availability you deserve. We work with clients on “their terms”, “their time zone”, “their budget and personal taste.” We also understand the expense of owning an aircraft and we strive to ensure you have the most positive, financially viable experience possible. David and Lindy are not just sales people with a broker label.  They have owned, operated, and managed dozens of aircraft including, but not limited to Lear Jets, Hawkers, Cessna Jets, King Airs and various turbo props and turbine helicopters. They have owned and operated multiple FAA 135 Charter Certificates and an FAA 145 Maintenance Facility and are no strangers to international and worldwide operations and transactions. They normally work as a team staying on task until the job is completed. They also offer maintenance auditing services for owners who are having major maintenance repairs and feel they need professionals to review the invoices, quotes or work in progress or just completed. Buyers will be guided through the selection process that begins with aircraft mission needs, and budget parameters.

I started flying in 1977 with “Five Dollar” Frank Thomas in Fayetteville, WV, operating Frank’s Cessna 172 hauling bodies for the local funeral homes from Frank’s farm runway. This created a career and life change for me, and I set my sights and goals for a new career in aviation.

aircraft sales floridaI got some help from my parents to travel to Vero Beach, FL and started working on my commercial and instrument ratings with Proflite. After the funding there dried up I made my way to Myrtle Beach, SC and worked as a bartender at nights and a mate on a fishing boat during the weekends to pay for more training at North American Institute of Aviation in Conway, SC. I bought my first airplane taking that training, a Rockwell Commander 112A, and quickly found out that I could buy an airplane, use it, and sell it for more than I paid for it if I bought it right. I went into my second aircraft right after selling the single engine at a profit and I took the money and bought a Cessna 320 Skynight. That was how I got my multi-engine and how I made profit for the second time selling an airplane.

Fate then took me to Marathon, FL working as a Captain, now on a sport fishing charter boat. I ended up in the P.E.P program at Miami-Dade for Eastern Airlines and received my 727 flight engineer and associate degree. I was hired by Eastern but only one week later the strike took place and I never crossed the picket line. I ended up in the late 80’s ferrying planes for North American Aircraft Sales out of FXE, in Fort Lauderdale. The owner of that business thought I had the right stuff to sell aircraft and I began my permanent position in the industry as an aircraft salesman. I later on finished getting my ATP in an Aztec I bought for my family with some of my commissions. It was that year that a charter 135 operator asked me to come to work for him and start a new sales department only working with Lear Jets. I promptly got my first type rating and within 14 months I had bought or sold 11 Lear Jets and the company I worked for.

I changed the name to Jet America, Inc and by 1994 we had one of the largest fleets in Florida with 10 Lear Jets, a King Air 200 and a Bell 206 helicopter. We had expanded and gotten into the maintenance business now and received our 145 Certificate. We had one of the best Lear Jet shops in Florida during those days. However, I continued to focus on aircraft sales, at some points in the 135 Charter I have been the Director of Operation (for 6 certificates), Chief Pilot, Check Airman, and on one certificate I got a waiver to be the Director of Maintenance based on my experience. I sold Jet America, Inc in 1996 to take my 2 teenagers to WV to learn to work for a living on a farm I had bought. I took that time to finish my B.S. degree from Embry Riddle.

aircraft sales floridaWhen the kids left the nest and went to college, I got bored with the farm life and returned to Florida to become the Director of Operations and then President of Air Voyager prior to its sale after a good year of growth. I wrote manuals and received a new 135 Certificate, Air America Flight Services, which I added several jets and turbo-props prior to the 9-11 attack. I sold that business in 2002 and started my consulting business and became VP of Sales for Maxfly Aviation at FXE. I have served as the Senior VP of Sales and consultant to Jet 1 in Naples, Florida. I have recently returned to the Boca-Ft Lauderdale area, which we prefer. My objective is to resurrect Jet America, Inc 135 Charter Certificate and offer 25 years of experience for sales and acquisition of aircraft.

Linda Wylie has been providing leadership and management since the company’s inception in 2008. She draws her expertise from her work in a number of industries. Ms. Wylie has a BS in Nursing from Florida Atlantic University. She pulls aviation management and air ambulance experience from her time as the Executive Director of Jet America, Inc., a 135 Aircraft Charter Company and AirCare Medical Transport, an Interfacility Air Ambulance Organization.

As the Medical Account Liaison, Linda heads our Air Ambulance Consulting and Auditing Division.  In this capacity she assist our clients with Quality Assurance and Control and hiring and training of medical and flight staff. She also continues to operate as a flight nurse herself to stay current with the industry standards and trends.

As a manager and nurse, Ms. Wylie excels in her leadership positions bringing an excellence in service to Delta November Aviation which helps us maintain our unsurpassed quality of service.

  • Fleet Insurance Discounts
  • Aircraft Crew Training Discounts
  • Title Searches
  • Aircraft History Research
  • International Registration
  • Sales Tax Advice
  • Reputable Paint and Interior Facility Affiliations
  • Price comparisons to all similar aircraft on global market
  • Access to Bank/Lender Aircraft Repossessions Available
  • Best Facilities for Pre-purchase Inspection with Personal Oversight
  • Inspection recommendations
  • Post inspection negotiations if needed
  • Final closing documents such as Delivery and Acceptance forms
  • Hiring of crews for first time owners
  • Fuel contracts with wholesale fuel distributors
  • Follow up help after the sale or purchase with any issues
  • David is a qualified, experienced “Expert Witness” for aviation legal issues