Sales and Management FAQ’s

As a general rule, it’s most economical to charter when you fly less than 100 hours per year and do not need the tax benefits of owning an aircraft. Consider buying if you log 75 or more personal flight hours per year and or you can use a tax write off for the depreciation of the aircraft.

Generally other than the direct costs of the debt service, there are two types of expenses—fixed and variable. Fixed expenses include: insurance, crew salaries, initial training, recurrent training, aircraft modernization, hangar, and refurbishing.Variable expenses include: fuel, maintenance, airframe parts, avionics, engine reserves and major periodic maintenance.

Should I consider Aircraft Management?

Delta November Aviation has all the resources in place to manage your aircraft. Aircraft ownership can be simple but there are many tasks that must be thought about- acquisition, maintenance, crewing, hangar, fuel discounts, fleet insurance discounts, scheduling, accounting and paperwork requirements.

How much does management cost?

The fee varies based on the size of the aircraft and the scheduling requirements of your operation, but generally ranges from $2,000 to $15,000 per month. Delta November will get you competitive pricing for our management services and can manage any size aircraft with the most demanding scheduling requirements.. For more information

What are the differences between business jets?

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